S02E18 RcadeRadio – Collector Steve Moerke – AirDate: 05.24.18

Adam Stevens and Mark Shields journey into the world of prank phone calls, restored 80s animatronics and more in this episode. What Are You Workin’ On gets us up to date on the duo’s antics. We try calling Dan Reed to see if he has a spare moment to stop in. News coverage includes discussion about the new arcade bar Rockafire which features restored Showbiz Pizza Place animatronic band members. Back to the Cade takes us to May 24, 1982. What’s In The Juke rounds out our regular segments. And, just when you thought the outro music was done and the show was ending, we add collector and bike enthusiast Steve Moerke as our super secret guest host for the last hour. Hold on to your hats, folks, this is our double-stuff sized episode.

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